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Ratzke announces new show WHERE ARE WE NOW

Sven Ratzke has announced his new show in the dutch press: ‘Where are we now’.
The show is a intimate rollercoaster into the world of David Bowie, with brand new songs and classics in beautiful new arrangements. Ratzke will be accompanied by his brilliant pianist Christian Pabst. As Ratzke told the press: “I have the urge to show Bowie as the brilliant story teller and songwriter that he was. I want to show his legacy in this more intimate setting for only voice and piano. I think the poetry of the songs even hit you harder this way. I can’t wait to tour with this show around the world”
The Premiere will be on October 14 in Berlin.
Where are we now will tour in The Netherlands, Germany, Zwitserland, Australia and will be shown in London and for a longer run in December in New York. All tour dates will be online soon.

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