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Ratzke and Claron McFadden return with Groschenblues

Ratzke & Band will be reunited this year with star soprano Claron Mcfadden and multi instrumentalist Fay Lovsky in Groschenblues. 

For 4 exclusive shows they return in may with their highly acclaimed show with the music of Kurt Weill and the words of Bertolt Brecht. 

As the Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad wrote:
„This production is just perfect. The chemistry between McFadden and Ratzke is so present that you would believe they are real-life lovers. ‚Groschenblues’ bursts with virtuosity. What a joy!” NRC Handelsblad ***** 



8/5 Lessing Theater, Wolfenbüttel

12/5 Vredenburg, Utrecht

15/5 Bimhuis, Amsterdam

16/5 De Nieuwe Regentes, Den Haag


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