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  • 2015 - 2016


    an extraordinary show with the music of David Bowie

    Inspired by the music of the living legend David Bowie the entertainer Sven Ratzke creates his own, dazzling character: STARMAN

    Sven Ratzke, the entertainer “extraordinaire” who's celebrated as a worldwide sensation gives now his own interpetation of the living legend David Bowie. Ratzke not just brings a David Bowie tribute, but creates an entirely new character with STARMAN. The weirdly mad and entertaining universe of Ratzke will merge with legendary Bowie universe into a grandiose music show.

    In STARMAN we will see an entertainer on stage who might come from another planet, like a “Baron Munchausen out of space”. Ratzke takes us on a crazy, incredibly entertaining journey from New York to Berlin.

    He is accompanied by his brilliant three-man band led by the Longtime collaborator Charly Zastrau. The music grooves from Seventies glam rock into sound collages and intimate moments. A Starburst of Cabaret and rock show experience: prepare for a crazy, intimate, funny and rock'n roll ride.

    New York Press

    „Sven Ratzke is a Must-See!”

    De Volkskrant

    „Ratzke is a man of the world, what an entertainer!”

    The Advertiser, Australia

    „How does one describe Dutch/German cabaret entertainer and European sensation Sven Ratzke? Unique, bizarre, ultra-extravagant in style and flavour, supremely talented and bitingly hilarious”

    Hamburger Abendblatt

    „Sooner or later Ratzke gets them all. He is one of a kind, yes he is a 'Gesamtkunstwerk'!”

  • 2013 - 2014


    In "Diva Diva's" master entertainer Sven Ratzke resurrects the songs of the great divas of the Sixties. The "Sixties" are in Ratzkes eyes the most classic decade of the last century, with the most beautiful women and the most wonderful songs. A period marked by glamor, class and unique individuality as well sex appeal. All the characteristics that are synonymous with Ratzke.

    As always Sven Ratzke provides his songs - along with his brilliant jazz pianist and arranger Charly Zastrau - with their new and very own luxurious musical notes.

    So he brings his audience an evening with a grand show where entertainment and excellent music infuse together.

    Ratzke is one of the most engaging, hilarious, talented performers to stride a stage. No wonder he’s the darling of the Berlin cabaret scene. I’m just saying this is not the kind of cabaret the pearls and twinset would expect. But then, Ratzke’s next role is playing Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch – so that should assist you in dialling up the right attitude to enjoy this show.

    Diva Divas is as much about storytelling as it is about the songs Ratzke sings. With an imagination as nimble as his, you soon understand that general stage banter will never satisfy this performer, as he makes up elaborate tales to deliver the backstory for each of the songs he sings. Diva Diva’s’ is true and first-rate cabaret.
    — The Advertiser, Australia

    Sven Ratzke is a Must-See
    — New York Press

    This is European Style Cabaret at its best, with a performer at his greatest
    — Theaterguide, Australia

  • 2013

    Hedwig and The Angry Inch

    Ratzke plays the lead of transsexual rock chick, Hedwig. He got rave reviews for his portrayal of this character in this cult hit. Creator and original Hedwig John Cameron Mitchell even said, “Sven is the best Hedwig I’ve ever seen”.

    The premiere was in 2013 in Berlin at the Admiralspalast. Where it played for 3 months.

    Now the show is still running in Berlin, spread over 5 weeks a year at the BKA Theater, when Ratzke's busy tour schedule allows him. Ratzke brought the show also to the Netherlands (Utercht and Amsterdam) and to Basel and Vienna.

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  • 2012


    Claron McFadden & Sven Ratzke

    Claron McFadden (New York) & Sven Ratzke (Amsterdam) take us into the Berlin of the twenties: In a bizarre world of dubious figures and establishments, in an atmosphere pervaded by the smell of cigars and brandy..

    Inspired by Brecht and Weill meet opera star Claron McFadden and Sven Ratzke, the enfant terrible of glamour cabaret. At the meeting of these thoroughbred artists, their energy turns into fireworks when they hit the stage! A visual kaleidoscope of dazzling images begins to turn: light and shadow, illusion and reality in a metropolis filled with whores, jugglers and villains ...

    Virtuoso, peerless and with great desire to break in style McFadden and Ratzke create their tragic but cheerful characters. Supported by four great musicians they seduce their audience with an exciting exuberant mix of theater, opera, jazz and musical theater.


    Ratzke expressive and McFadden masterful. A crackling evening, full of virtuosity and surprises.
    — Theaterkrant *****

    In this production, everything is right. Chemistry between McFadden and Ratzke is so large that it is believed they were real-life lovers. 'Penny Blues' bursts with virtuosity
    — NRC Handelsblad *****

    Lightning fast switching between German, English, French and Dutch, they awaken the rough shards quarter milieu to new Life Claron McFadden and Sven Ratzke with great gesture and voice. Whether opera diva, actress, pimps or the doll with sultry whisper - they all have their place in this grandiose and theatrical presentation. Equally important is the proportion of the pianist and arranger Charly Zastrau. He has rearranged Weill's score and breaks through the sometimes mechanical simplicity of the original.
    — De Volkskrant *****

    The wonderful new arrangements of Charly Zastrau lift the music from the thirties to the here and now and McFadden and Ratzke use their entire vocal performances in all its aspects. A event!
    — De Standaard, Antwerp *****

    A masterful performance by two larger than life stage Diva’s, accompanied by fantastic musicians playing wonderful new arrangements.
    — Radio 1 NL


    Concept / Performance: Claron McFadden & Sven Ratzke
    Musical Director / Piano: Charly Zastrau
    Percussion: Haye Jellema
    Bass: Florian Friedrich
    Singing Saw / Theremin and more: Fay Lovsky