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  • 2015


    Sven Ratzke

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    The brand new Cd of Ratzke & Band with there musical new interpretation of the music of David Bowie and original songs. A beautiful and thrilling album with guest appearance by Claron McFadden, Fay Lovsky, New York Legend Joey Arias and Bowie's saxplayer Steve Elson.

    1. Intro
    2. Rock'n Roll Sandman
    3. Rebel Rebel
    4. Lady Grinning Soul
    5. Boys Keep Swinging
    6. Starman
    7. Time
    8. Space Odditty
    9. Fame
    10. You're a freak, Tommy
    11. The Torch
    12. Ashes to Ashes
    13. Showtime, Puppe
    14. Rock'n Roll Suicide
    15. Heroes
    16. Star Children

    16 tracks, 60 min music
    Digipack with poster
    € 15,- (+ € 3,- shipping costs)

  • 2014

    Diva Diva’s

    Sven Ratzke

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    Ratzke sings on this wonderful EP 7 songs from his eponymous hit show to the accompaniment of his band. From Marlenea to Bassey, from Knef to Kitt all done in Ratze unique style.

    1. Let the Diva out
    2. Diamonds are forever
    3. The Windmills of your mind
    4. I wanna be evil
    5. Laat me
    6. Falling in Love again
    7. Zu müde um schlafen zu gehn

    7 tracks, 30 min music
    Challenge Records International
    € 10,- (+ € 3,- shipping costs)

  • 2013

    Songs in a Cabaret

    Sven Ratzke

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    A wonderful musical, almost cinematic journey through the world of the cabaret. Exceptionally chansons and songs into unique new arrangements. Featuring: Eric Vloeimans, Mathilde Santing, Fay Lovsky, Tuur Florizoone and Claron McFadden.

    1. Lone Star Cabaret (Fay Lovsky)
    2. Illusions (Friedrich Hollaender)
    3. Gelsomina (Nino Rota/Cora Frost)
    4. I've seen that face before (Astor Piazolla/ Grace Jones)
    5. Each man kills the Thing he loves (Peer Raben/ Oscar Wilde)
    6. Die Welt gingt unter am Zürichsee (Charly Niessen/ Hildegard Knef)
    7. intermezzo 1
    8. Every Song (Rachelle Garniez)
    9. intermezzo 2
    10. Der Wind hat mir ein Lied erzahlt (Lothar Brühe/Bruno Balz)
    11. Die Großen weißen Vögel (Peer Raben)
    12. However it hurts (Charly Zastrau/ Mathilde Santing)

    12 tracks, 50 min music
    Digipack with booklet and complete lyrics
    Challenge Records International
    € 15,- (+ € 3,- shipping costs)

  • 2012


    Claron mcFadden & Sven Ratzke

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    The CD Groschenblues (Pennyblues): A wonderful studio recording of the hit show. I have the Penny Blues. Ratzke sings with the New York star Soprano Claron McFadden the Blues by Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht. Under the musical direction of pianist and arranger Charly Zastrau and the virtuoso Fay Lovsky, Tatiana Koleva and Florian Friedrich the songs will appear in a new light. With sixty minutes of pure Berlin Blues.. The show is sexy, rough, melancholy and exciting!

    Tracks: Mack the Knife / Pimp ballad / Salomon Song / Havanasong / Harte Nuss / Surabaya Johnny / Pirate Jenny / Youkali / Mandelay / Nana's Song / Sailor Song / Alabama Song / I'm a stranger here myself

    18 tracks, 60 min music
    Jewel Case with katon Case
    Challenge Records International
    € 15,- (+ € 3,- shipping costs)

  • 2011

    Sven Ratzke macht Musik

    Sven Ratzke at the Bimhuis

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    The CD 'Sven Ratzke macht Musik' is a 60 min. Live recording from the legendary european temple of jazz, the Bimhaus in Amsterdam. With songs of Ratzke, Falco, Knef, Brel and beautiful German versions of the songs like I will Survive and Love will tear us apart. Accompaniment by band and fantastic guest musicians (including Fay Lovsky on singing saw and Tatiana Koleva on marimba), in a beautiful digi pack with booklet and many photo's.

    Tracks: Boulevard of Broken Dreams / Sexappeal / Ich überlebs / Lovemedley / Jacky / Der Kommissar / Karneval in Deutschland / Wenn Liebe uns zerreisst / Was du sein willst / Der Song von Mandelay / Ich bin zu müde um schlafen zu gehn.

    18 tracks, 60 min. Music and conferences
    Digipack with Booklet
    Preis € 15,- (+ € 3,- shipping costs)