• The press about Sven Ratzke:

    Die Welt

    „Dieser Bühnenmensch ist absolut hemmungslos, eine gesangsstarke Diva, entwaffnend ehrlich, brutal direkt, respektlos und überhaupt die Wucht in Glitzertüten”

    The Stage London

    „Ratzke is Surreal, funny and musically sublime”

    Limelight Magazine

    „Cabaret at its finest!”


    „Ratzke is een cabaret grootheid!”

    Theaterguide, Australia

    „This is European Style Cabaret at its best, with a performer at his greatest”

    Tagesspiegel, Berlin

    „The shark has feathers: Ratzke is the homme fatale, the glamour animal on stage”

    The Advertiser, Australia

    „How does one describe Dutch/German cabaret entertainer and European sensation Sven Ratzke? Unique, bizarre, ultra-extravagant in style and flavour, supremely talented and bitingly hilarious”

    New York Press

    „Sven Ratzke is a Must-See!”


    „Ratzke is a Miracle of tongues, entertainer, drama queen, singer and performer.”

    Hamburger Abendblatt

    „Sooner or later Ratzke gets them all. He is one of a kind, yes he is a 'Gesamtkunstwerk'!”


    „His larger than life delivery, spontaneity and absolute love for what he is doing shines out of him and laps onto the audience like a breaking wave. Sometimes you might rattle around and get dumped but other times you can ride it all the way to the shore. But one thing is certain, there’s no denying you’ll keep going back for more.”

    Parool, Netherlands

    „If Eddie Izzard and David Bowie would have a lovechild, it would be Sven Ratzke!”

    de Volkskrant, Netherlands

    „Almighty, what an entertainer Sven Ratzke! With a bright red glitter suit, fire in his eyes and with incredible energy. When he jumps onto the stage it causes the audience to sit straight up in their chairs from the first second and not let him out of their sight. And in the end you hop out of the theater, to conquer the nightlife, which has just been sung by Ratzke full of passion.”


    „Sven Ratzke is a mythical creature who can sing incredibly well and entertain. What would make this man only if he would not be on stage? Probably bursting with unused energy. Shamelessly, iridescent, irreverent, sexy, unsettling, disturbing ... Great!”

    Berliner Morgenpost

    „Ratzkes style is unique. he always creates his own dim twilight zone. Just the right atmosphere for the born entertainer to ensnare to cast his energetic spell on his audience. For me, every show is a one-night stand with the audience, 'says the singer, who of course knows to convince with its immensely virtuosic vocal power. This is, at the moment, the hottest show in town!”

    Frankfurter Neue Presse

    „The words just come bubbling out the very tall blond mans mouth with a three and a- half-octave vocal range. Ratzke pulls grotesque grimaces, curses, laughs and chuckles at his own joke and goes artistically in a world where the air is thin. As Ratzke mixes Disco, Art Song, Brecht / Weill successively sings,like nobody else.”

    Der Standard, Vienna

    „A show by Sven Ratzke ... it’s like having your finger impatiently on the tuning knob of the radio. Not because you were dissatisfied with the selection of music, but because you want to hear everything at the same time!”

    Deutschland Radio

    „The energy with which the entertainer from the stage captures his audience is unparalleled. An extremely versatile voice, a hint of androgyny associated, to wild texts, like the slapstick - and insane ideas. 'It's so Ratzke', is all I can say. Cheeky, irreverent, self-deprecating. A touch Las Vegas, a bit bouncer, a bit Diva: Sven Ratzke is still the untouchable "Sexbomb" of German Cabaret stars”

    Berliner Zeitung

    „A force of nature unleashed as Ratzke amazes. Touching, sensual and funny. He is accompanied by exquisite jazz virtuosos (...). Frenetic applause!”

    Die Welt

    „Ratzke delivers postmodern Vaudeville-Cabaret.”